Testing But Trusting

It was now about 4-5 years after Jesus’ death and resurrection. Looking back it still fills me with wonder that a bumbling, stumbling group of previously self-absorbed, working-class men like us could have been leading this new Way. Of course we weren’t leading it, we were only doing our part, as each was assigned his …

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Planting Seeds

Do you see what God is telling us through Paul’s letter to the Corinthians? I, Peter, ‘the great Apostle,’ may appear to be someone special. Yes, I have the strong gift of the Spirit within me. But so do you, my friend. I have healed many. I have preached mighty sermons. I have led the …

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Who Is Important?

1503A common trap for those of us living and working for the Master is that our plans might be good plans, but they are still our plans. Are you certain your plans are of the Spirit? Can I get you to see the freedom you will experience when you can lose your pride in being …

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