The Hardest Thing

The Holy Spirit guides and directs us with green, yellow, and red lights, step by step. But there is one thing the Holy Spirit directs us to do that is perhaps the hardest of all: to wait. It is perhaps the hardest thing for us busy, can-do, “If-I-don’t-it-won’t” Americans to do. The complications we usher …

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What Defines You? – Sacrifice and Surrender?

How will Jesus introduce you to the Father on your Judgment Day? I can imagine there might be three categories included: Service – Sacrifice – Surrender. Will he know you only by your many activities, or will he say, “Father, this is a man / a woman after your own heart?” Will he have to …

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We’ve been talking about what it looks like to have a personal relationship with Jesus, and through this personal relationship to grow to know God as your heavenly Father. Your heavenly Father. Personal. Intimate. Real. Jesus promises to show you the way into this relationship, as well as to show you the way to having …

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