Respond in Faith or React in Fear

Now certainly I will acknowledge we are all human and we will never be perfectly immune to anxiety. But what would your life be like with almost no worry? Imagine with me for a moment your life, day to day, amidst the details of work and relationships, but free of anxiety and stress. Can you …

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Peter Reflects

We were all exhausted from hearing Andrew’s long rendition of his conversation with Secundus, but also exhilarated. So I started to ponder all the truths they had shared. Do you see, my friend, that life in the Kingdom is a life saturated with trust, primarily because we learn to see the world around us as …

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Generous or Suspicious?

“So,” Andrew continued, “We do our part to change, and the Spirit joins with us and does his part to transform us.” And since you were asking about my big brother, one of the biggest transformations in Peter is his generosity. He used to be such a miser, counting every mite and denarius. But now …

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