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June 8, 2017
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June 22, 2017
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Number-One Fan

I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea of practicing the presence of God and how much our lives are enhanced when we see God all around us. He’s God Almighty! He’s there. I’m only encouraging you to practice… reality.

But today, I want to ask you how you think God sees you.

Oh, sure… He loves you. That’s his job. We take for granted that he loves us because “the Bible tells me so.” But if I asked you if you think God likes you, that’s a little more iffy; isn’t it? Jesus would tell you that both he and the Father like you, all the time, as well as love you.

And this motivates me to want to move closer to God. He likes me? He enjoys my company? Then, I want to talk with Him and to spend time with Him.

A favorite younger friend of mine lost his grandfather recently, with whom he spent a lot of time and shared a mutual feeling of affection and love. A few days later, he said this to me: “I feel like I’ve lost my number-one fan.” That got me thinking.

What would it be about someone such that you would feel that person is your number-one fan? Maybe that person always sees the best in you? Maybe he or she is loyal and devoted to you regardless of your behavior? When someone accuses you or places you in a bad light, your number-one fan not only cannot imagine what that person is talking about, but he or she would defend you always.

That person sees everything about you in a light most favorable to you and is always on your side. He or she enjoys spending time with you… just to be around you.

That person roots for you, cheers you on, and encourages you constantly.

A number-one fan wants the best for you, sees only the best in you, and always assumes the best about you.

Do you have a number-one fan? Maybe your mother or your father? Your children (assuming they’re not teenagers) or your grandchildren?

May I suggest who your true number-one fan is? Your God and his Son, Jesus. Just read these previous descriptions; this is them! They adore you. They are on your side. They always want the best for you, and they love for you to be with them.

They think you are great, even when you obviously are not.

Jesus actually calls us friends and describes God as a loving Father who, when He sees us turn back toward him, kicks off a huge celebration, throws a party, and rushes out to greet us, shushing us as we start to offer our apologies for straying from and stiff-arming him.

He’s not angry. He doesn’t require us to grovel. There is no grudge held, even when we might deserve it.


“No. Hush,” he says. “Don’t say another word. You’re back. That’s all that matters. I’ve never stopped loving you… or liking you for that matter. Come on in. Take my best robe. You’re back where you belong. Start the feast and let’s celebrate!” (Luke 15:11; paraphrase from The Prodigal God by Tim Keller)


And when you get this… when you see this is how God sees you, your heart will fill up with his love, and in a wonderful reversal, you will become his number-one fan. Then, you will see God always in the best light. You will always be ready to defend him, to believe the best about him, to trust him, and… you’ll want to spend more and more time with him.

May you learn to see God as he sees you… and to become his number-one fan as he is yours.