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Molded or Molding

Isn’t it true—and kind of funny—that people often look like their dogs? And long-time married couples tend to start looking alike or at least talk alike, finishing each other’s sentences with similar mannerisms? We tend to conform to that which dominates our lives. Like it or not, we become molded into a likeness of that …

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The A-Plus Life

Can we even define the A-plus life? Maybe. But quantify it? No. It cannot be measured because the A-plus life is within. It’s a symbiotic, body-mind-spirit discovery of the indwelt power of Jesus. Let’s begin with what the A-plus life is not. It is not measurable as it flows from within. It is not quantitative …

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Since the light came on in 1995 (that means I was born again), my journey with the Lord has been a fascinating shift from the darkness into the light. I have encountered many ups and downs, with the ups always coming from God and the downs always—and I do mean always—coming from Sam. One thing …

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