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The Word Became Flesh (John follows Peter’s First ‘sermon’ at the Temple)

John stepped up and said, “Peter’s right. We want you to know Jesus, just as he wanted us to know the Father. We want you to know what a great friend Jesus is, and to know him both personally and even intimately, as well as to know him as God Almighty.  And we are all …

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A New Family

The next morning we gathered at Solomon’s Porch. The sun was not yet up so it was a cool morning, with a mist hanging around, causing a fog to dim our view of the surrounding temple grounds. The twelve of us, as well as our larger group of one hundred and twenty or so, had …

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“Matthew” (from the Peter & The Holy Spirit Series)

One day we were all sitting together and Matthew was reliving the day he first met Jesus. All of us were smiling at the memory of that day. We couldn’t believe Jesus was even talking to this hated traitor – a tax collector for the hated Romans – and we were even more shocked when …

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