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The Hardest Thing

The Holy Spirit guides and directs us with green, yellow, and red lights, step by step. But there is one thing the Holy Spirit directs us to do that is perhaps the hardest of all: to wait. It is perhaps the hardest thing for us busy, can-do, “If-I-don’t-it-won’t” Americans to do. The complications we usher …

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Destroy, Distract, Discourage

We had just endured an extraordinary physical challenge from the flogging we received from the Sanhedrin, but that outside challenge soon faded into the background as we faced a new challenge from within: distractions and busyness. The persecution we were experiencing from the outside was easy to identify and therefore, at least for me, easier …

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Logos & Light

If I asked you about Jesus’ sacrifice for us, you would immediately think of the cross. But have you thought about what an amazing sacrifice it was for him to leave Heaven and become one of us – a mere human? Like going from a prince to a snail. The Apostle Paul crystalizes this amazing …

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