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Scriptural Error Alert: Are We Really Made Holy Through Christ?

Okay, for all of my skeptic friends, I finally have found the error in Scripture about which you’ve been complaining all these years. Of course, it’s not among the errors you erroneously talk about. But yes, I have finally found an error in the Holy Scriptures. So, there. Are you satisfied? Now, for those of …

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Trust is the Currency of Relationships

Why is trust so important to Jesus? You were created to enjoy and thrive in a relationship with him, and he knows that “no trust equals no relationship.” Trust is the currency of relationships. And as Josh McDowell so wisely observes, “Rules without relationship equals rebellion.” When a father tells me about his rebellious child—typically, …

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The Hardest Thing

The Holy Spirit guides and directs us with green, yellow, and red lights, step by step. But there is one thing the Holy Spirit directs us to do that is perhaps the hardest of all: to wait. It is perhaps the hardest thing for us busy, can-do, “If-I-don’t-it-won’t” Americans to do. The complications we usher …

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