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Scriptural Error?

Okay, for all my skeptic friends I finally have found the error in scripture about which you’ve been complaining all these years. Of course, it’s not among the errors you erroneously talk about. But yes, I have finally found an error in the Holy Scriptures. So there. Are you satisfied? Now for those of you …

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Amazing Grace

1515Through many dangers, toils and snares… we have already come. T’was Grace that brought us safe thus far… and Grace will lead us home.   Are you a grateful person? I’m grateful for all God has done for me, and for the blessings he has lavished upon me. Yes I am. But I am even …

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Grace & Gratitude

We are moving towards Christmas and I want to pause, and think about how amazing this whole Jesus thing is. As we journey through life day to day we tend to get numbed by the morass of everyday living, and our senses become dulled. We take for granted the richness of life. We focus on …

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