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What Defines You? – Sacrifice and Surrender?

How will Jesus introduce you to the Father on your Judgment Day? I can imagine there might be three categories included: Service – Sacrifice – Surrender. Will he know you only by your many activities, or will he say, “Father, this is a man / a woman after your own heart?” Will he have to …

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Who Is Important?

1503A common trap for those of us living and working for the Master is that our plans might be good plans, but they are still our plans. Are you certain your plans are of the Spirit? Can I get you to see the freedom you will experience when you can lose your pride in being …

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Give and Grow

Jesus was talking with the Pharisee, Jonah, about “cleaning the inside of his cup,” by giving generously to others and to Kingdom work. As I watched this the Spirit brought this scenario to my mind: Picture this: A new Christian approaches you and says, “I’ve seen the Light. My heart has changed. Yes, I’ve been …

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