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Protect, Not Prohibit

On other days we taught and talked about topics that were dear to Jesus’ heart. As he sought to fulfill the scriptures for us, to actually live them out, he often talked about what the Father cared most about: trusting and obeying. He would talk to us about how our love of the Father will …

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What Defines You (Part 2)

The way you want to be defined, whether you realize it or not, will coerce your choices in ways you will often regret. Let’s take the NBC news anchor Brian Williams for instance: Why did he claim his helicopter was hit and forced down by RPG fire during the invasion of Iraq in 2003? If …

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Guard Rails: Our Need for Boundaries

Last week we looked at various ‘markers’ we can use to help us see when we are drifting off course. The bottom line is that when you are feeling stress and anxiety – let’s call it what it is: fear, or you are beginning to try to manipulate and control, or your conversations with yourself …

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