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What’s Your “One Day”?

Quick. Picture the great life you would like to have… one day. (Really… Take a moment. Mine has horses in my future pasture behind my future farm house with a young filly kicking around.) Don’t all of us have this idea of “one day” which we think about when our minds are floating off into …

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“That”: Pursuing Your Calling

“Is where you’re going where you want to be when you get there?” —Andy Stanley   The important thing about “getting there” is not the there but the getting there. The going and the getting is the only part we have even the slightest control over, and even that is slippery. So, it’s not really about …

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Spectator: Getting into the Game

We all know college football is a passion across the country, and perhaps no conference more intense than the Southeastern Conference (SEC). I love college football, too, but I’m not really passionate about any particular team. I’m more of a spectator. And even though the SEC fans are not actually out on the field playing, …

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