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Terms of Endearment

I call my Uncle Billy “Uncle” even though he’s in his 70’s and I’m in my … 50’s. I call Aunt Sally “Aunt” and she’s not even my aunt. I love it when my nieces and nephews call me Uncle Sam, even though they have full permission to just call me Sam. Why? These terms …

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Shared Intimacy

We hear the phrase “personal relationship with Jesus” often, and often in the form of a question, as in, “Do you have one?” This used to irritate me, when I didn’t have one. It sounded so sappy. So I can imagine there are many, even in church, who are tired of hearing this, and greatly …

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For you – With You – Before You: The Ever-Present God

“I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.” Philippians 3:12   I want you to know God is for you, he is with you, and he is before you. In all things in all ways, he is for you. He looks at you and beams, “That’s my child and I am well pleased …

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