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The Conversation Continues: Money & Masters

Secundus frowned and said to Andrew, “Well, I didn’t like him challenging me about my money. These two Brothers were very nice, and sincere, but that’s not really what I was looking for. So I stuttered in response, “I’m not sure …,” but the 50 year old man interrupted me and said, “I’m curious, do …

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Andrew and Secundus’ Conversation Continued: Eternal Significance?

Andrew was thinking to himself, “Well my friend, according to Jesus, after you die you’ll be thinking a lot more about now, and how you lived your life here.” But he remained silent, which we have learned is the best response in this type of situation. Let people talk themselves out, and possibly they will …

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Andrew and Secundus: A Conversation

My little brother Andrew was telling us about a conversation he had with one of our more successful young converts. Secundus was Greek and was a successful trader in Roman and Greek ornaments. He was closer to Andrew’s age, so he must have felt more comfortable talking to him. He started by saying, “Okay, Andrew, …

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