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Busy Martha

You may remember Jesus’ dear friends, Lazarus, Martha and Mary. Jesus loved all three equally, but he seemed to truly relish his time with Lazarus, the older brother. I think he felt like he could just sit and be himself with Lazarus. Lazarus’ home was quiet, and the two of them would sit all afternoon …

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Satan’s number one weapon is busyness. I have witnessed many a soul lost to Satan through busyness. And because of busyness I have also witnessed many a man or woman find salvation, but miss the Life to the Full Jesus promised. As the Way has grown and spread, our slower and more meditative Hebrew culture …

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The Conversation Continues: Money & Masters

Secundus frowned and said to Andrew, “Well, I didn’t like him challenging me about my money. These two Brothers were very nice, and sincere, but that’s not really what I was looking for. So I stuttered in response, “I’m not sure …,” but the 50 year old man interrupted me and said, “I’m curious, do …

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