The A-Plus Life

Can we even define the A-plus life? Maybe. But quantify it? No. It cannot be measured because the A-plus life is within. It’s a symbiotic, body-mind-spirit discovery of the indwelt power of Jesus. Let’s begin with what the A-plus life is not. It is not measurable as it flows from within. It is not quantitative …

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“Good” Distractions: Keeping Sight of Your Priorities

I have written several Putting Greens on the topic of busyness. I tried to make you see that the Villain (Satan) uses busyness as his #1 weapon against you. And the victims of this assault are our relationships—with the Lord and with each other—as well as our bodies, minds, and spirits. But I admit defeat. Busyness …

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Change: The Baptism of Repentance

As we began 721 Ministries several years ago, I thought I would encounter opposition from intellectualism, skepticism, or outright disbelief. But, as of late, I have realized my adversary is often change… change for the better but not transformation for the best. Here is a typical encounter: I was achieving all of my goals. I …

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